About us

Tamakoshi Sewa Samiti (TSS) is the founding organization of Tamakoshi Hospital. In 1986 (32 years ago), TSS established a tiny clinic in Manthali village and made provision of one clinic assistant trained just for 3 months. Fewer medicines (especially for fever and wounded dressing) were available in the clinic. During that time, no any health institution (neither private nor government) was existed in Manthali. There was one government health post in Ramechhap village (old district headquarters), which is 15 kms. away from Manthali and the only means of transportation was normal walking for 4 hours. In such situation, TSS clinic was considered to be very significant despite small in size, as no alternative health center was existed in Manthali. At present, there is a 15-bed district hospital in Ramechhap village and a 3-bed primary health center in Manthali, both run by the government. The district headquarters was moved down to Manthali village from Ramechhap village in 1989.

TSS gradually expanded the level of health services in the clinic and also made provision of more health workers. In 2000, the small clinic converted into a 10-bed hospital with the provision of one MBBS medical doctor and the hospital was fully operated under TSS health program. Eventually in 7th June 2007, the hospital was formally registered in the name of "Tamakoshi Hospital" as a social health institution. It has also obtained an approval from Central Development Regional Directorate, Ministry of Health & Population.  Manthali Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Ltd. (which was also promoted by TSS in 1998) was also involved in the establishment of the Tamakoshi Hospital. Thus, there is close relationship between the hospital, TSS and Manthali Co-operatives in day-to-day functioning of the hospital. The hospital has been now upgraded into 25-bed hospital since April 2017.

Our Vision

The vision of the hospital is "A hospital recognized by community for excellence in service and healthcare".

Our Mission

The mission of the hospital is "to deliver appropriate & quality modern health facilities for community by co-operation of community".

Our Objectives

The major objectives of the hospital are as follows:

-  Deliver diagnostic, curative and preventive services with sustainable, affordable & qualititative

-  Provide in-patient and out-patient services for regular & emergency care

-  Co-ordinate with local, national & international organizations to conduct various health camps

-  Identify serious health diseases of the district and co-ordinate for alleviating them

-  Manage modern health equipments for reliable & quality health service delivery

-  Operate ambulance for patients transportation

Hospital Running

The hospital has been self-sustained from its internal income for the first time in FY 2013/14. Before formal registration of the hospital, World Neighbors USA had greatly supported for many years to run the clinic (now hospital) under TSS health program. After that, TSS and Manthali Co-operative Society supported to the hospital physically & financially for many years. There is still on-going support from TSS for the hospital building and administrative & financial management. 


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